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How Do I Get a Quote?

If you know exactly what you need simply click this link and fill out our quote request form on the website. If you’d like a free consultation on the best and most affordable way to print your project, please click here and the owner, Shane, will call you personally to discuss the details.

How Can I Ensure My Files Will Work When Sent to You?

Probably the best way to do this is to download our PDF option set and load it into your system, this makes sure that when you save out a PDF all the right buttons are pressed.

What Type of Images are Best for Printing?

Typical Web images use an RGB color scale which is not optimum for printing. RGB images often create unexpected color output results, so we prefer you send us converted CYMK or black and white format files. You will see a more accurate representation of what your final product will look like.

What is a Bleed and How Can I Create It?

A bleed means that the image you are printed will extend all the way to the edges of the printed document, eliminating a white border. When placing pictures in your page layout document, you must make sure they overlap the edges of your page trim by at least 1/8″. If they don’t overlap the page edges and you send us an exported PDF, we can’t add bleed and you might have white edges around your final printed pieces.

What is the Biggest Image Area You Can Print?

Sig-1 exerts a visual mastery over every printed document from manuals to unique design pieces to wide format impact printing. We can print everything from 5.5” x8.5” perfect for brochures, post cards and small notebook size products to wide format banners, signs, display products that are up to 4ft x 8ft.

Do you have my Version Of Software?

Most likely we do, we have all the latest versions of Adobe suite software, we also have some of the Microsoft suite as well but these are typically not meant for the commercial printing process.

How Can I get My Own Store on Your Website?

We would be happy to discuss with you the setup and maintenance of a webstore for your company’s products. Please give us a call and we can discuss it.

How Do I Get my Files to You?

We offer a free FTP service. All you need to do is send an email or give us a call at (916) 457-5380 and we will provide you with the login credentials.

How Do I Load Your PDF Options into My System?

From Indesign: Go to file menu, drop down to Adobe PDF Presets, choose define, choose the load button, navigate to where you have copied our supplied PDF preset file, choose supplied file and restart Indesign. It will show up in all of your Adobe suite software when you want to export a PDF from your working file. If you are using QuarkXpress, call for setup instructions from our prep department.

What File Resolution is Best for Printing?

300 dpi scanned to the output size works for traditional hard copy press work. You can use 200-250 dpi for digital press work.

Any of This Confusing? We Consult for Free.

If you are new to the printing process or your looking to print something unique, email or call us today. We offer a free prepress consultation to make sure your files and final printed materials are the most visually compelling possible.

Will I Get to See my Project Before You Print It?

We wouldn’t dream of printing anything before you OK’d it. Initially, we send a PDF proof for you to review that has gone through all our magical processes. But because PDF proofs are viewed on a monitor and are not a correct color representation of the final printed piece we will also print a color calibrated proof for you to review. This is the final step. Once you are satisfied we go to press!

What If All I Have is a Word file?

We prefer you export the file to a PDF format and send that as well. Be aware that Microsoft products like Word do not provide CYMK color image output, so RGB conversions will be necessary on our end before we print. RGB color files can lead to unexpected color results on the final product.

What Products Are Available on Your Store?

Literally, anything you want on the store we can put on it.

Do You Deliver?

We offer free delivery in the Sacramento metro area.



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